Mechanical, Electrical, Ductwork & Thermal Insulation Estimating

Clients can use the upload function on our website to send any documents to us. We can then download all the tender documents and print off the required information and then begin understanding the project to commence the estimating works.

Then we will set the estimate up in our ensign estimating software in line with the requested pricing schedule. However, we always try to break the tender down into drawing by drawings, service by service and split tenders down into shell & core and fit out more accurate breakdowns later. However, with the estimating software we use we can still submit the tender as per the client’s tender breakdown.

When we go through the tender documents we may come across conflicts between documents, missing information, technical questions and if we do we will issue a request for information via email and if on a large volume scale will keep an RFI Tracker.

We take off services from the drawings issued and all quantities are put on to manual take off sheets. This helps at a later stage to input or make changes or to show our clients how we have taken off the services from the drawings

Once we have completed the take-off of quantities from the drawings, we begin to input all take offs into our ensign estimating software. This produces the prime costs.

On request from our clients to carry out complete Estimating Service we will review the tender documents and create a quotation control sheet which will have all suppliers and sub-contractor’s names on it the date inquiries are to be sent out and there return date on them. We will then begin sending all supplier & sub-contract enquiries out via email and then when they are due to be returned start to contact them all for returned quotes, then collating them and levelling up all quotes up on a tender comparisons schedule to identify a compliant bid and to show how all suppliers and sub-contractors’ quotes compare and finally we input them all into the ensign estimating software.

Once we have completed the estimate, we collate all the notes, RFI’s received back, interpretations and clarifications and put them on to a word or excel document and issue this to our client for further review and discussion. We then make any required changes which then finally produces a set of clarifications that can be submitted as part of the tender return.

On full completion of the tender we like to attend a Tender Settlement meeting with our clients to run through the tender, our take offs and full estimate so that our clients can understand and appreciate how we have approached the tender so that the client is happy with what we produce and if any changes are required this can be carried out in time for the tender return.

If our clients prefer we can also offer just take off only of Mechanical, Electrical, Ductwork & Thermal Insulation and we will also provide with the take off clarifications.

Our Estimating Software can put prelims, overhead, profit, MCD and labour rates with any factors you wish to add to produce a complete selling cost.

Production and submission of all require reports including Prime costs, quantified schedule of rates and estimate prints and many more can be offered. These are more clearly explained on our Ensign software part of our website which has a link that takes you to their website.

We work closely with selected ductwork and thermal insulation contractors in producing take offs and estimates also so we can offer guidance and advice on these services which is an extra element to our vast mechanical & electrical expertise.

We can also offer other type of estimates which are costs plans, budgets, design & build and short cut tenders if there is not much time, so we are flexible to all needs that our clients have.

Ensign's Mechanical Estimating is proven to dramatically increase the rate at which you can turn around an estimate for mechanical & pipe estimating and do so with the highest possible accuracy.


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