Supply Chain Services

As supply chain departments and processes within the construction industry are becoming the best way to approach business to business relationships we can offer a lot of supply chain advise, support and advise on best processes.

Supply chain questionnaires are now a normal process for contractors to get to clients supply chains. This can be very time consuming and with our experience in understanding what is required you can outsource the questionnaire to us to complete on your behalf. We make it simple by reviewing the questionnaire and then we will email you a list of all the information we need from you to complete the questionnaire.

As the construction industry is getting better it is becoming more difficult to get good suppliers and sub-contractors. We can also appreciate that time is not always there to choose a supply chain. We can assist our clients in selecting and interviewing supply chain companies. We can make recommendations for a shortlist of suppliers and sub-contractors you can then interview which makes best use of your time.

We can create a supply chain lists by category and size of companies which will list their company names and best suited value of contracts.

We offer Full Supply Chain Management.

On all projects, suppliers and sub-contractors need to be scored so they can be collated to demonstrate how they are performing as a business and that any issues can be identified and questions asked so that an understanding of the scores can be made. We can chase your site teams down for this information and populate the scores per supplier. This is known as a Vendor Rating System.

We can also appreciate that clashes of suppliers and sub-contractors can occur and if you need an independent low key review of your project teams view and supplier/sub-contractors review we can undertake that process for you and then in writing a brief report our findings and out companies own interpretation of what has happened. This is known as Mediation Service between Suppliers, Sub-Contractors and Clients.

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