Procurement Services

We have recognised that our clients don’t always have the resources to carry out procurement. On secured Projects our clients can employ us to carry out procurement activities if resources are not available on their behalf.

All documents can be uploaded by our clients on our websites uploader and then we will download those documents on to our server.

Then we open up the project documents and begin to read and understand the project and work out time scales so that we fully understand what is required.

We would then produce a procurement schedule and put all suppliers and sub-contractors names, dates enquiries sent out and input return dates into the schedule. We will then use this to manage the procurement process to make sure we meet all order required by dates. We maintain the schedule completely.

We can also send all suppliers and sub-contractor enquiry out inviting them to tender the desired project and will also chase them up to obtain return tenders.

Once all quotes are returned we will begin the inputting of all quotes on to tender comparison schedules which will show detailed breakdowns of costs, identify scope gaps, below line options, errors, risks, comments and final price demonstrating compliance status and best value.

We can then attend all supplier and sub-contractor meetings as part of the negotiations and then finally we can make a recommendation of supplier and sub-contractor selection.

We can also place or assist in actually administrating the order.

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